About us

Tecnologías Aplicadas del Maíz, S.L. has been manufacturing and developing automatic popcorn machines for more than 25 years, using hot air, without added oils or fats.

TAM is a pioneer and responsible for its own research and development activities, raw material supply, production and marketing of the machines, spare parts and consumables, from its headquarters in Barcelona to all its distributors.

Our premium flavoured corn

Tasty and crunchy popcorn.

Our environmentally friendly cardboard cups.

Our story

We still remember the "boom" created by the first popcorn machine in the 80's, the "Baby Corn"; it worked with natural corn and the salt was added afterwards. After several tests, without obtaining the desired result, TAM focused on evolving until today, in the production of flavoured corn and the modernisation of the technology of its machines.